Individual, Corporate, International, Local & State Tax Returns

We are aware of new tax reform for 2018, design key tax planning strategies and provide you with optimal savings on your individual and corporate tax retuns.

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New Company Set-up Bookkeeping & Payroll Services

Discuss the right corporate structure based on your needs and we provide you the best set-up for your new or existing company. Get your financial statements and payroll of your company at your fingertips with autonomous, newly transformed and essential information needed to make short-term and long-term decisions.

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Compilation, Review & Audit Services

So which service is the right level of service for your business?  The easiest way to determine that is to ask the bank want they want.  Unless you are a public company that is required to file audited financial statements, banks are generally the largest users of financial statements.  Discussing the level of service the bank requires can often lead to the ability to negotiate down to a lower level of service that will be less costly.  Also, consider the level of assurance, if any, other users of the statements such as other partners that may not be involved in the daily operations of the business require.   It can be difficult to strike the appropriate balance between various users but taking the time to discuss the matter with them as well as your accountant can help in making the decision about the right level of service for your business.

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Why US ?

With deep understanding of new tax reform for 2018 and as your trusted intuit pro adviser, we can accelerate your corporate tax savings with business strategies and personal tax planning tools that set us apart. We can analyze and amend your previous years tax returns for more savings and perform tax planning with new tax reform for 2018.


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